Wash Plant

A processing plant was constructed to process coal to required quality specifications.
The plant is a basic 710 dense media cyclone design and was originally designed to process 60 tonnes per hour (tph), at a yield of ca. 50 – 55%. Recently the plant was upgraded by introducing a Parnaby 510 modular dense media cyclone plant and a Multotec spiral plant.

The Run of Mine (ROM) coal is initially fed into a multi stage crushing and screening plant and delivered to a surge bin for beneficiating. The ROM is classified on a vibratory sizing screen, 50mm x 8mm, 8mm x 1mm and 1mm x 0 mm for specific metallurgical up-grading.

In the process of resuming production and with the financial backing of JSW, significant progress was made in terms of upgrading the current plant. This will allow for improved throughput from the plant in future. It is planned to move the plant and possibly upgrade the capacity to 400 tonnes per hour.