Social Responsibility

As a responsible corporate citizen, SACMH is involved in the rehabilitation of mined land, with a core focus on saving and recycling water at both its Ilanga and Umlabu Collieries. With some of the mined pits not being filled by the previous miner, they have, through time, accumulated water. In an effort to create a sustainable recycling process, SACMH is currently using this excess water to process coal at its wash plant. Once the pits are completely drained of excess water, the land will then be filled and restored to its original form.

As part of its empowerment drive, SACMH actively employs residents of Ermelo and the surrounding areas at its Umlabu plant. Another community development initiative is the establishment of two community projects where SACMH has assisted the local community in setting up SMMEs, which are servicing the mine as contractors offering cleaning, laundromat and catering services. SACMH is committed to nurture and grow these projects with the objective to empower the communities in which the business operates.